This was what was on in 2018


Taste fabulous wines from all over Chile

Chile is a unique country and is known as a winemakers paradise. There will be over 300 wines open for you to taste and the opportunity to meet winemakers and winery representatives, there will be something for everyone. This is your opportunity to discover new fabulous wines from this unbelievable country.

Taste the unexpected with Vinepair

Do you like Cabernet Sauvignon – what’s your style? Take an ingenious quiz where you will learn whether your style is:

Lush & juicy

Silky & vibrant

Or Bold & toasty.

Then taste with confidence looking out for wines that are your flavour profile.

Fancy a little Chilean bite?

Sample Chilean cuisine from Latin American specialists Boca Empanadas – taste the delights Chile has to offer.

Try a truly Chilean Cocktail

Pisco cocktails from Waqar will be available, a pisco carefully made to express the subtle elegance of the Tulahuén terroir, at the foot of the Andes.

Chile your next top holiday destination

Turismo Chile will be there to show you why Chile should be the next destination you travel to – the Andes mountains, Pacific surf, Patagonian glaciers and the Atacama Desert – Chile has it all!